Monday, December 3, 2012

HP Bias: Palestinians Wielding Sharp Objects

The Huffington Post, miracle of miracles, actually published an article about a Palestinian attacking Israelis. Here's the headline and photo choice:

If you read the article, you find out that a Palestinian man hit an Israeli jeep with Shin Bet agents on board, then attacked them with an ax. In maybe the first time ever, Palestinians are attacking able-bodied Israelis that can defend themselves, rather than women, children, and the elderly.

There isn't much bias here. But my question is, if individual Palestinians attacking individual Israelis is worthy of Huffington Post articles, why didn't the Huffington Post cover this story?

Could it possibly be because the Palestinian in this article isn't "heroically battling the occupiers" but attempting an Itamar II by breaking into a civilian house and trying to kill everyone inside? This Palestinian doesn't quite advocate for the cause as much as the one who attacked the Shin Bet agents, so this story never makes it onto the Huffington Post.

The Huffington Post editors. 100% biased.

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