Friday, December 14, 2012

HP Headline Bias: Gaza "Claustrophobic"

Reuters published an article yesterday about some good news (for Palestinians) out of Gaza, that Israel moved the area of the naval blockade back a few miles to increase the area Palestinian fishermen can fish. The headline of this article?

"Truce Brings Extra Gleam to Gaza Marketplace." Sounds pleasant and hopeful, doesn't it? The truce is increasing opportunities for Palestinians and we can all be happy with that.

Naturally, the Huffington Post, when it did its usual thing of copying and pasting the Reuters article, couldn't resist the opportunity to take a shot at Israel by reminding its viewers not of how life has gotten better in Gaza since Pillar of Cloud but how Gaza is still a terrible place to be. Check out the headline in the Israel section:

Yes, while the blockade is "stretching out" it's still "claustrophobic." Why bring just the facts when you can editorialize at the same time? And least you accuse me of being unfair to the HP editors, at some level they know the headline is biased too, which is why they changed it once you click on the article itself:

A more informative and less politically skewed headline "Israel Gaza Naval Blockade Eased." But the Huffington Post is relying on its outer headline to draw the haters, and I'm confident it will work for them. It doesn't take much to set off the Jew haters in the comments section.

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