Sunday, December 16, 2012

HPW: Lieberman Resigns

The Huffington Post covered a story on Friday about Avigdor Lieberman resigning under threat of being investigated for fraud and related crimes. Naturally the Huffington Posters are no fan of his, but this thread is notable because the mere "critics" of Israel's "policies" took the opportunity to bash the country as a whole. Most priceless was when they used the fact that Israel investigates the misdeeds of their politicians diligently and administer justice better than we do here in America to be proof that Israel is somehow worse. That's some true hater logic for you. Anyway without further ado here are the comments:

 (my personal favorite)

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  1. First off, hamsteronwheel decided to repeat his inane fact-free rant several times, and amusingly even the most hateful HP posters decided to concur with the most thoughtful HPers and ignored his bullshit.
    Second, one poster pointed out that almost no one who commented was talking about how Lieberman's indictment and resignation as FM will impact the upcoming elections--and several of those posters seemed convinced any against evidence (not that they provided any) that this heralded a leftward swing with Israeli voters (though smarter posters pointed out to them that the Palestinian rejectionists and their amen corner destroyed the Israeli left, to great respondent venom). They talked about fascism, Hamas, Chuck Hagel, civilian casualities, but not the subject of the freaking post. Unbelievable lack of focus there.


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