Monday, December 3, 2012

Kathy Kelly's Crocodile Tears

Huffington Post blogger Kathy Kelly is following in the steps of Linda Milazzo and James Zogby by only noticing the people living in Gaza when they are the ones being fired upon, as opposed to when they are the ones firing upon others. Ms. Kelly has been completely silent about rocket attacks on Israel for months and months, and as she proves in this article, she doesn't consider them significant in the least. That's what we call "human rights activism" on the Huffington Post, ladies and gentlemen.

In this article Ms. Kelly engages in the classic propaganda trick of finding a Palestinian in Gaza that tells the story, so that way it doesn't look like she is just saying whatever she wants. Fortunately for Kelly "Dr. T" (that's a pseudonym, meaning there's no way to prove if this person is real) says all the right things: about how Israel is so evil but he wants peace with them anyway. He's also a Christian, which is pretty impressive seeing as how only .7% of Gaza's population are not Muslims. It also means that his viewpoint doesn't represent any of the Palestinians, as if that wasn't obvious anyway. Kelly has no intention of interviewing a Hamas member (let alone a supporter), based on her article it sounds like she refuses to acknowledge their existence (and not in a good way). They are mentioned only once, in a dismissal of their crimes against humanity inflicted onto Israel:
"U.S. media and government statements are full of accounts about the scattershot Hamas rocket fire that had taken one Israeli life in the months before the Israeli bombing campaign."
Unfortunately apologizing for Hamas' terrorism is hardly new behavior for Huffington Post bloggers. If Ms. Kelly was honest she might point out that rockets don't put corpses in the ground because Israel is good at defending itself. She might also say that they destroy buildings and traumatize children (things that are considered bad when they are happening to people in Gaza), but it's obvious that she simply hates Israel and the West. She proves this with her own article, you don't have to take my word for it. Check this out:
"Due to simple racism and a jingoistic eagerness to get in line with U.S. military policy, Western commentators ignore the bombardment of Gazan neighborhoods which has caused thousands of casualties over just the past few years. They automatically frame Israel's actions as self-defense and the only conceivable response to Palestinians who, under whatever provocations, dare to make themselves a threat."
Yes, that's right. Every person from Poland to Alaska who isn't her just hates Arab people and that's why they don't spew propaganda like she does. Unfortunately Western commentators aren't going to ignore something that isn't real. Israel does not "bombard" Gaza "neighborhoods," they go after terrorists who are firing rockets into Israel. It's rather hypocritical for for Ms. Kelly to whine about this as well: She hasn't commented on Israel or the Palestinians since more than a year ago when she was sailing to support terrorists.

Even if you think that fighting has been happening continuously over the past few years, with the US media only pay attention now, then you also have it wrong. How do I know this? Because we follow a lot of people living in Gaza on Twitter and only during Pillar of Defense were they tweeting about fighting there. Usually they just copy and paste news article or regurgitate talking points.

I'd also be curious to know which media outlets Ms. Kelly is reading because here on the Huffington Post, as we noticed at the time, it was framed that Israel just up and attacked Gaza (repeating a pattern of media bias for a while). But I guess it's easier to play the victim in every conceivable way, rather than simply tell the truth. I guess she also couldn't pass up the opportunity to play the race card either.

Anyway, now it's time for the Israel hate to come out. I guess Kelly doesn't much bother to hide it any more. She mostly wrings her hands over Palestinian casualties, but sometimes her prejudices slip through (emphasis mine):
"Marwan Abu al-Qumsan, 42, a teacher at an UNRWA school, was killed when Israeli Occupation Forces bombarded an open space area in the southeast section of Beit Lahia town."
Kathy, if you're going to pretend to be a journalist and not a propagandist, then you have to use the correct names for things. I understand that you hate Israel but the name of their military is the Israel Defense Forces. Only the most hardcore Israel haters like Electronic Intifada and SJP use the term "Israeli Occupation Forces," and you have finally made it clear where your ideology lies. But let's not dilly dally, after waving some more bloody shirts, she returns to editorializing:
"The Israeli military later claimed it had collapsed the building in hope of assassinating an unspecified visitor to the home, any massive civilian death toll justifiable by the merest hint of a military target. Qassam rockets killing one Israeli a year are terrorism, but deliberate attacks to collapse buildings on whole families are not."
I'd be curious to see Kelly's evidence that Israel intentionally collapsed the building to kill the family. What possible motive would they have to do that? If you'd like to criticize them for not being careful enough to avoid civilian casualties, then go for it, but it seems disingenuous considering that you defend Palestinian terrorism in all its forms. Which only makes her comment about "terrorism" all the more revolting: Yes, Qassam rockets are terrorism because as your Hamas friends freely admit their goal is to cause terror. Your corpse counting logic has already been debunked by Captain Picard, and telling lies isn't going to work. You have no proof that Israel deliberately collapsed the building intending to kill a family, so why pretend that they are? Because the only use Palestinians have to you are as bloody shirts, not as human beings responsible for their own futures? This next couple of statements seem to prove this:
"All Palestinians are targeted now," a woman who lives across the street told us."
I wonder if Kelly actually believes that, considering how it flies in the face of all logic and common sense. More likely she said to herself "oh this sounds good so I'll put it in." The Huffington Post will believe anything she writes so might as well. What else?
""I don't know why this happened to us," Mahmoud says. " There were no terrorists here. Only family members here. Now I don't know what to do, where to go. I feel despair. We are living in misery.""Any war is inhuman, irreligious, and immoral," my friend, Dr. T., had told me."
You know, the Huffington Posters say that war only radicalizes people, but it sure seems to me that we only hear from these peaceful Palestinians when ammunition is being fired in both directions instead of just one. Do you think Dr. T told Hamas that war is bad? More importantly, do you think that they would listen? Does Mahmoud really not know why people he knows died in war that his own supposed representatives started? These people have been living in Gaza for a while, they know that if Hamas shoots Israel will shoot back and people will get killed. There's no excuse for not knowing that this point. Ms. Kelly is working hard to paint the Palestinians with as broad a victim brush as she can, but I don't believe for a single solidarity second that the Palestinians she interviews don't know who Hamas is or what they do. It would be like an Israeli not knowing about the occupation or the West Bank.

Based on her interview, the Palestinians in Gaza want to be able to support Hamas with their silence and yet be the victims when the chickens come home to roost. If they really don't want war, if they rally want a better future for their families, they need to start acting like it. And willing propagandists who will coddle them the way Ms. Kelly does isn't going to accomplish anything. The only thing it will get is more manufactured outrage and hits for the Huffington Post.

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