Monday, December 3, 2012

Linda Milazzo Removes All Doubts

We at Huffington Post Monitor have a long history with HP blogger Linda Milazzo. Zach summarized it pretty well in his last article about her, but if you want to read more, click on the tag of her name at the bottom of this post. She's always been an Israel hater, but now she has recently come out and removed all doubts about her severe bias and partiality:

Two key sentences: "be as condescending as you want toward those who support ending Israel's human rights abuses and who desire full freedom and independence for Palestinians, but it has no affect to us....The world has witnessed the truth and overwhelmingly supports the Palestinian cause - as evidenced by yesterday's UN vote - which is only the beginning."

 Is there any doubt that Linda Milazzo is a full on advocate for "the Palestinian cause," whatever that is? What kind of person calls themselves a "journalist" and then makes statements like that? Journalists are supposed to be impartial, especially in complicated 60 year old world conflicts.

Milazzo has no right calling herself a journalist and then admitting she's working towards "full freedom and independence for the Palestinians." That's an insult to all real journalists.

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  1. One thing that's not so much interesting as insightful regarding LM is the "you have no chance against us, no one's listening to you, we will win and you should just quit and step aside immediately" tone of this latest missive. Since even the HP contains individuals who do present pro-Israel perspectives (some bloggers, a lot of posters) it's clear that LM has decided she doesn't want to listen to them anymore, which is fine, and wants to fabricate a narrative where no one listens to them anymore, which is outright lying and not fine. She did this unsuccessfully on Congress-related issues, like the failure of Marcy Winograd and success of Mark Kirk, so it's not that shocking she's trying it on Middle Eastern affairs. And honestly, it's nice to know someone as bad at advocacy as LM is plans to keep up her won't change minds-won't change subjects approach.


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