Tuesday, December 4, 2012

More BDS Cheerleading from the HuffPost

The Huffington Post covered a story the other day about Stevie Wonder canceling a concert with "Friends of the IDF" after much anti-Israel pressure and because he is an "Ambassador of Peace." He figured it didn't make sense for peace person to do anything pro-military. This was in the "Entertainment" section. Here's the headline:

Now because this is the Huffington Post, most of the comments were just generic anti-Israel hatred including dual loyalty, claims that Palestinian children have no food, and of course lots and lots of whining about tax dollars.

So where is the bias, exactly, is what you may be wondering? In a pattern that the Huffington Post has been following for a while, boycotts (and BDS was very involved with Stevie Wonder, even if they aren't mentioned in the article) are only given attention when they look like they are succeeding. Remember when Elvis Costello was given a headline when he canceled a concert there because of BDS? And when Elton John's concert got an article but some severe editorializing from the Huffington Post staff?

The Huffington Post didn't even notice that Stevie Wonder was playing for the Friends of the IDF until this happened. And they don't bother to notice the artists that come and play in Israel without incident, because then they can't bring the BDSers into it. Nothing about the Red Hot Chili Peppers earlier this year, and nothing about Alanis Morissette right now.

But that's just silly of them. Everyone knows that the Huffington Posters rage more when it looks like they are losing, not when they are winning. If the Huffington Post really wants clicks, they should publish an article about every artist that goes to Israel. I know I wouldn't complain.

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