Monday, December 3, 2012

More Headline Bias

The Huffington Post will literally publish anything that is somewhat related to Israel, and if it's about the settlements, even better! And today they couldn't wait to get their second biased headline of the day up and running!

Apparently the Huffington Post is in the rumor publishing business now, because if you read the article it shows that pulling ambassadors is just one consideration among many to deal with this issue:
"Diplomatic sources said both London and Paris were considering the unprecedented step of recalling their ambassadors to Tel Aviv, but both countries signalled there was still room for manoeuvre to avoid a deep crisis with Israel.
"There are other ways in which we can express our disapproval," a French Foreign Ministry official told Reuters in Paris after diplomatic sources said France and Britain were mulling whether to order their envoys home from Tel Aviv."
But who cares about the truth! The Huffington Post has some hatemongering to do! We'll keep you updated if it hits 6,000 comments again.

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