Monday, December 17, 2012

More News the HP Doesn't Cover: Latest Poll News

A poll came out of the Palestinian controlled territories recently, taken by an Arab organization, that keeps confirming what we already know about Palestinians and their desire for peace:
" 1200 Arabs living in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, 87.7% answered that Hamas’s “armed struggle” is the best means for achieving Palestinian independence.
The results of the recent Gaza conflict prove that armed struggle, as adopted by Hamas, is the best means of achieving Palestinian independence:
Strongly agree 55.6%
Agree 32.1%
Disagree 9.1%
Strongly disagree 1.2%
I don’t know 2.1%"
I'm not much of a math guy, but I'm pretty sure that poll result indicates that 87.7% of Palestinian Arabs living in the WB and Gaza believe that armed struggle as adopted by Hamas (AKA the intentional targeting and killing of civilians) is the best means of achieving Palestinian independence. 

The apologists' lies about Hamas being a fringe terror groups are getting weaker with each passing day.

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