Wednesday, December 5, 2012

More Settlement Obsession

This week the Huffington Post is indicating it is contractually obligated to publish at least one settlement-related article every day. Although from a business point of view, I can hardly blame it, every thread gets tons of clicks as HP haters scream their talking points. But from a balanced reporting point of view, it's completely ridiculous and obsessive.

Yesterday's HP article was titled Israel E1 Settlement Plans Revealed in West Bank and it presents absolutely no new information. This is the news the article presents, "Israel pushed the most contentious of the projects further along in the planning pipeline, and the Palestinian president said he would seek U.N. Security Council help to block the construction." Very exciting.

So to recap: Today we have this article.

Yesterday we got Israel Set to Advance Construction in East Jerusalem.

Monday we got Israel Won't Back Down from Settlement Plan

And then finally on Saturday we got the original Israel Approves Controversial Settlement Construction

I want the HP to go for a record: 5 days in a row with a new settlement article. We can do it!

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