Friday, December 21, 2012

News the HP Didn't Cover: FU, Jew

From Pajamas Media, back in November:

As noted by Gateway Pundit and Jawa Report, at the anti-Israel protest in San Francisco on November 16 (which I mentioned in my previous Tatler post), the pro-Palestinian protesters went berserk, tore up Israeli flags, screamed “Intifada!” and when they encountered an Israel supporter filming the protest, they brutally assaulted him:
Luckily the police were nearby and apparently arrested the attacker, and, as shown in the video, before he is led away he yells at an Israel supporter, “Fuck you, Jew! Fuck you, Jew!
Yeah, these protests have nothing to do with anti-Semitism. Nothing at all.
Do you think Huffington Post blogger Asra Shakoor (whose account has been deactivated) would have bothered to comment upon such a thing, had she been there? She probably would have just walked the other way and completely forgot that it happened.

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