Monday, December 17, 2012

News the HP Doesn't Cover: Palestinian Refugee Camp Bombed

Proving once again their lack of interest in suffering Palsetinians when the suffering can't be pinned on Israel, the Huffington Post failed to publish this news story about Syrian fighter jets bombing a Palestinian refugee camp.
"Syrian fighter jets bombed a Palestinian refugee camp in Damascus as it tried to stop rebels winning more territory in the government heartland.
Activists and local residents said at least eight people were killed when air strikes hit the Abdel Qader Husseini Mosque in the camp that was being used as a makeshift shelter for more than 600 people who had escaped heavy fighting in neighbouring districts.
Abu Mohammed, a resident in the area, said that a second bomb struck close to a school that was also filled with refugee families.
"Although the people taking shelter in the Fallujah School are afraid, they really have nowhere else to go," he said.
The attack came hours after Syrian rebel groups made advances into the camp, a poor area inhabited by many of the approximately 500,000 Palestinians living in Syria.
The fighting in the camp has split residents between those supporting the government and those assisting the insurgency."
 How fast do you think the HP would have published this article if it had been Israel killing 8 Palestinians and hitting a mosque instead of Syria?

UPDATE: The Huffington Post did in fact cover this news. Stand by for thousands of comments...

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