Friday, December 21, 2012

Philip Farah Plays the Victim

It's the holiday season, and we all know what that means, Palestinian Christians doing their dhimmi duty of shilling for their Islamist masters by whining about the Israeli occupation. This year, it comes in the form of Philip Farah's blog post for the HP about Christmas in Bethlehem, ruined by (you guessed it!) the evil Jews.

Farah leads off with the standard propaganda:
"Today, Bethlehem and the surrounding areas still have some of the holiest churches of Christianity, and they still vibrate with the prayers and celebrations of Palestinian Christians. But the Palestinians of Bethlehem, Christians and Muslims alike, are a people besieged. For Bethlehem today is surrounded by a host of physical barriers, including several miles of a concrete wall that is over 20 feet high, built by the Israeli occupation authorities."
He refers to the wall as "illegal" (of course, because no one loves and respects international law more than Palestinians) and making the Palestinian communities into a "Bantustan", and whines about the new Israeli settlements. All pretty standard stuff.

But then he starts talking about the "non-violent resistance":
"The leaders of the non-violent Palestinian resistance against the wall in the villages of Masara and Walaja will often mention Gandhi and Martin Luther King in their discourse. These two leaders practiced very confrontational resistance, not the passive resistance that is associated with Jesus. But Gandhi and MLK never preached hatred against their oppressors, and today, the people of Bethlehem, Masara and Walaja welcome Israeli Jews who stand shoulder to shoulder with them in opposing the injustices of the occupation. "
How interesting. The Palestinians will welcome Israeli Jews that help them out (they call them "useful idiots"), so that means they don't hate Jews. Fail.

Farah concludes with this generic propaganda tripe: "During this Christmas season, spare a thought and a prayer for Palestinians, including Palestinian Christians, who continue to struggle against injustice and oppression in the name of freedom, equality, and peace."

So that's what Farah says in his article. Now let's talk about what he didn't say:

1. The cause of the wall, aka the suicide bombings that killed thousands of Israeli civilians during the Second Intifada.
2. The violent Palestinian resistance (not the non-violent resistance) which is still very much active and still preaching "hatred against their oppressors."
3. The use of the Church of the Nativity by Palestinian terrorists during the Second Intifada.
4. Mistreatment of Palestinian Christians for decades by their fellow Palestinian Muslims. 

Farah is just your typical Palestinian propagandist who in this case is trying to use Christian themes and locations to try to dredge up support for the racist fascist Palestinian cause. Don't be fooled.

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  1. If we have "Palestinian" Christians and we have "Palestinian" Muslims, how is it that we don't have "Palestinian" Jews? Because of Israel, yes?

    But if this is the case, would this not mean that Christian citizens of Israel are not "Palestinian" Christians, but Christian Israelis.

    And would not that further mean that Muslim citizens of Israel are Muslim Israelis and not "Palestinians"?

    Oh, it all just gets so confusing sometimes!


    Hey, I hope you guys had a terrific Chanukah and are enjoying "the season."


    Mike L.


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