Friday, December 21, 2012

Ray Hanania Plays the Race Card

HP Palestinian blogger Ray Hanania has always pretended to be impartial and looking for peace, but sometimes the mask slips and we see him for what he really is. Today, that happened.

Aaron Zelinsky wrote a blog post for the Huffington Post about Israeli gun laws. In the wake of the Newtown CT shooting, he wanted to bust some myths about Israel doesn't have gun control and gets along fine. It's an interesting read, and very short, so I invite you to read it.

The next morning after Zelinsky's post went up, Ray Hanania sidled up to lie and play the race card:

First of all, Israeli Arab citizens (no quotation marks here, Ray) are not denied gun ownership in Israel. They are issued permits and there is no law that says they cannot have them.

Second, Israeli military service does not "exclude" Arab citizens. Druze Israelis have been fighting in the IDF since 1948 and since then over 300 have died in combat operations. As for more traditional Arabs, according to Wikipedia there are 1,473 Arabs serving in the IDF. The IDF is doing a really poor job "excluding" them!

Third, there is only one sentence in Zelinsky's post that could possibly be considered "anti-Arab" and that's the sentence: "True, this may be because Israel is beset on all sides by enemies bent on its total annihilation rather than, say, Canada." and if that's anti-Arab, then statements like "Israel doesn't want peace" is anti-Jewish, and I know Hanania and his fellow Israel haters wouldn't stand for that.

It seems that Ray Hanania is the stereotypical Palestinian, lying through his teeth and twisting every article about Israel so that it's really about him and his people and how Israel's prejudiced and mean to them.

Ray, I know you Google yourself and will probably come across this post, so I want to tell you directly: you should be ashamed of yourself.


  1. Huffington Post Liar Blogger ... Can't face the truth and saddles up to the lies knowing that most American don't have relatives who are Christian and Muslim living in Apartheid-like Israel. The fact is Christians and Muslims are discriminated against and routinely denied gun permits BECAUSE they are not Jewish. Anonymous Matt plays the Race Card by denying the truth. But that's not unusual for rabidly pro-apartheid-like Israeli backers.

    Race IS an issue in Israel which discriminates on the basis of religion against non-Jews. They require non-Jews to have special codes on their ID cards so that police and presumably people like Matt can easily distinguish and discriminate against Christians and Muslims.

    Matt's defense of Israel is blind and if he could he'd call me anti-Semitic, too, since the only thing he can do is call me names.

    But I don't mind it. In the pursuit of peace you must also pursue truth, something pro-Israel extremists constantly insult.

    It's further truthful that Huffington Post is also anti-Arab and discriminates against any Arab writer who criticizes Israel "too much." Which is why my blog was blocked from the Huffington Post.

    The HP Monitor wouldn't comment on that because the HP Monitor is Racist!


  2. OK, Ray, that was a long rant but I'm going to ask you one simple thing:

    Do you deny that at the moment over 1,000 Arabs serve in the IDF and therefore your claim that the IDF excludes Arabs is a lie?

  3. They're Druse Arabs, from a special sect who don't identify with the Palestinian Christians and Muslim community. That si a difference. However, I don't think you care about the facts at all. What you do care about is racism and apartheid-like slandering of non-Jews in order to preserve the current conflict. That's the only way Israel can survive as an apartheid-like state, in conflict. I hope for an Israel and a Palestine where hatred like your blog are outlawed and non-existent and we live together in two-states and peace. But, you don't want two-states. You want one apartheid-like state minus the non-Jews. It's obvious from your rantings and your hateful attacks.


    1. Ray that is simply not true. According to IDF stats, there are over one thousand non Druze Arabs serving. You are lying. It would appear you are the one who does not care about facts. If you did, you wouldn't lie and try to change the subject.


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