Thursday, December 20, 2012

Some News the HP Doesn't Cover

All of these are from the JCPA's "Daily Alert:"
UN Confirms Hizbullah Fighting for Assad in Syria - Nick Cumming-BruceSyria's civil war has evolved from a battle over political change into a conflict that is "overtly sectarian," pulling fighters from across the Middle East and North Africa into the fray, a UN-appointed panel led by Brazilian Paulo Pinheiro said Thursday. "Entire communities are at risk of being forced out of the country or killed inside the country," it said.    Lebanon's Shiite group Hizbullah had confirmed its members were fighting for the Assad government, the panel said, and it was investigating reports that Iraqi Shiites had also entered Syria. Iran had also confirmed that members of its Revolutionary Guards Corps are providing the Assad regime with support. (New York Times)
You'd think the Huffington Post would be all over this since they don't like Assad. But then again they seem to like Hezbollah so I guess that's why. Next:
U.S. Blocks UN Condemnation of Jerusalem Construction - Yori YalonThe U.S. on Wednesday torpedoed a UN Security Council condemnation against Israel over recently approved plans to build hundreds of new housing units in Jerusalem, Israel Radio reported. State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland said on Tuesday that the U.S. would not support a proposal for a Security Council resolution. (Israel Hayom)
Sure, UN matters are kind of boring but the Huffington Post loves anything that involves settlements or article that make it seem like ZOG is real. So that's kind a surprise. And finally:
Israeli Court Indicts Palestinian Bus Bomber - Yaniv KubovichThe Tel Aviv District Court on Wednesday indicted Mohammed Mafarja, a Palestinian residing in Israel as part of the family reunification plan, who planted a bomb on a Tel Aviv bus on Nov. 21, wounding 28 people. Other Palestinians arrested for participating in the bombing, who were linked to Hamas and Islamic Jihad, were from the West Bank village of Beit Lakiya. (Ha'aretz
 The Huffington Post has never cared about Israeli victims of terror, so this story is hardly a surprise. Put him down as one of the "ten thousand innocent victims" in Israeli prisons:

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