Monday, December 10, 2012

The Huffington Post Celebrates Hanukkah With Hate

The Huffington Post's "Religion" marked Hanukkah with quite a few articles and blog posts, most of which didn't have many comments or those that did were pretty simple wishing for a good holiday. Things got more interesting when there was an article about the lighting of the national menorah in front of the White House in Washington DC on Saturday. Most people pointed out that it didn't seem fair that the menorah (a religion symbol) was allowed there while a Christmas tree had to be referred to as a "Holiday Tree." As an atheist I think all religious symbols should be out, unless they want to make it clear that neither the menorah nor the tree is in fact religious, which I'm not sure would work. 

Anyway, because this is the Huffington Post, the anti-Semites came out to play with Huffington Post moderator approval:

("They" being Chabad)

Welcome to the Huffington Post. And have a pleasant holiday!


  1. Aside from the obvious psychotics above, there is one thing that's true..rabidly secular leftist Jews have indeed played a disproportional part in the war against Christians and Christmas.

    All any Jews whom question this have to look at (to our shame) is who's in the leadership of the ACLU, who the Supreme Court justices are who habitually vote against America's religious heritage and whom plays a prominent part in demonizing 'the Christian right' about cutting your own throat.

    BTW, the people lighting the Menorah in DC are observant Jews belonging to Chabad. They're following a mitzvah to make the Miracle public.

    The sort of Jews whom make war on Christmas and Christians wouldn't be caught anywhere near a Menorah lighting.

    Rob Miller @ Joshuapundit

  2. As Chabad, MO and their ilk will in fact be the only Jews left in a generation or two. And perhaps a few on the conservadox end. I mean seriously, how long do the 'as-a-Jews' get to call themselves that? A generation? Two? When ones connection to Judaism and the Jewish people is as tenuous as pointing to some grandparents or great grandparents who were Jewish I think the rest of all of us can ignore them, laugh at them and call them out for the antisemites they are. That's in fact the definition of who is a Jew the Nazis themselves used under the Nuremberg Race Laws. So the 'as-a-Jews' are adopting Nazi ideology by default as their criticism of Israel. Isn't that nice. But I think then we get to state that they're not Jews. Halachically perhaps but then let's compel them to be subject to the same rules as say any olim or any marriage in Israel that has to prove their Jewish credentials. They of course will refuse that because either they've been lying all along or they hate Jews so much they'd never sully themselves in the effort.

  3. There are a lot of issues involved in holiday displays, ranging from church-and-state matters to the real question of excessive commercialization and its consequences, but the agnostic/atheist/non-public faith component that opposes blanket public religious displays is a lot larger than the part of that movement that self-identifies or is identified as Jewish, and this movement is generally marked or outlined as Jewish because A) the non-religious forces in it are decentralized and like keeping the spotlight off themselves, B) Jewish members of it, especially those who are actually atheist or agnostic and only like being labeled as Jewish in opposition to Christians and Christmas, are happy to provide Azajew credentials on demand and C) making this into a Jewish-Christian divide instead of what it really is provides an outlet for Christians who don't like Jews and want to make them a combination of issue and enemy. 2 cents.


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