Monday, December 3, 2012

Today's Attacks on HuffPost Bloggers

We have quite a few examples of personal attacks made over the weekend, all approved by the Huffington Post moderators because they are against token pro-Israel punching bags.

First, Alan Dershowitz (former lawyer for Nelson Mandela) wrote an article about the legal implications of the recent Palestinian statehood declaration at the UN. Naturally, few of the Huffington Posters tried to argue the facts so instead they just insulted him with moderator approval"

Next up, on the "withheld" funds thread, a Huffington Post blogger named Jamie Schler dared to have a dissenting opinion. Her comment was not particularly extreme, she simply pointed out that if Palestinians start fights they will get hit back, and therefore they shouldn't start fights. Here is her comment for the record:

And here are the Huffington Post moderator approved personal attacks on her:

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