Monday, December 3, 2012

Today's Headline Bias: Withheld Up

I logged on to the Huffington Post this morning and was greeted with this screaming headline:

Those goddamn greedy Jews Zionists! Why can't they ever stop their genetic need for stealing?

But of course, if you read the article, and scroll all the way to the bottom, you can read this paragraph:
"On Sunday, the Israeli government delivered another blow, saying it would withhold more than $100 million in funds it transfers to the Palestinians each month.
Instead, it said the money – taxes and customs duties that Israel collects on behalf of the Palestinians – would be used to pay off its debts to Israeli companies, including $200 million owed to the state-run Israel Electric Corp., government officials said."
 If you take the Israeli government at its word, it seems the Palestinians owe Israel millions of dollars in debts, and now that Palestine is a state with UN status, etc., etc., it's time to collect on those debts. In fact, the Huffington Post knew that at some level, that's why the headline read Israel "redirects" the money. You can be mad about this if you're a Palestinian apologist, but you can't pretend Israel just took the money for no reason because it's "greedy."

Naturally, this didn't stop the top comments from the thread to reflect exactly that:

Another successful day for the hatemongers on the Huffington Post.

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