Thursday, December 6, 2012

Today's Personal Attacks on a Huffington Post Blogger

A week after the fact, Abraham Foxman provided a dissenting voice against the Palestinian UN bid. He pointed out that it doesn't bring a solution any closer but still made it clear that what he wanted was peace between the two sides:
"For now that they have achieved this pyrrhic public relations victory, the Palestinian people now have a stark choice ahead of them: They can accept the offer of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to return to the table without preconditions and without delay, possibly paving the way for peace in our lifetime; or they can continue to seek false legitimacy by attempting to punish Israel in international fora such as the U.N. and the International Criminal Court while continuing to evade the real work and hard sacrifices of peacemaking. The onus is now on the Palestinians to make the right choice and to return to negotiations. The alternative will leave the core issues of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict unresolved and festering with no framework in place to negotiate the issues. "
Naturally this offended the Israel haters on the Huffington Post and in addition to the usual talking points, they sent some personal attacks his way, all approved by the moderators naturally:

(Foxman is not now, nor has ever been, a rabbi. Or a Communist.)

If these comments don't seem too bad to you, just imagine how long they would stay up if they were aimed at, say, MJ Rosenberg.

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