Sunday, December 9, 2012

What the AP (and HP) Missed

On Friday the Huffington Post covered a story about Khaled Meshaal returning to Gaza, complete with lots and lot so photos of him looking happy. As usual they simply copied and pasted the Associated Press article about it, and in so doing just happened to leave out some information that make Meshaal look like something other than a moderate. Here's the Huffington Post's version:
""I have been dreaming of this historic moment my entire life, to come to Gaza," Mashaal told reporters as he stood alongside senior Hamas member Mousa Abu Marzouk and Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh. "I ask God to give me martyrdom one day on this land.""
Now here is the version on Ynetnews:
 "This is my third birth. I was born in 1956, and my second birth was when I survived the assassination attempt initiated by (Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu," Mashaal told reporters. "But God was stronger than him, and I hope Allah will grant me martyrdom in Gaza. "My fourth birth will be on the day Palestine is liberated. Today it is Gaza and tomorrow it will be Ramallah, then Jerusalem, Haifa and Jaffa," he added. Haniyeh said, "This is a historic moment for the Palestinian people and a victory for both the people and Gaza."
Oops! I guess the AP reporter just stopped paying attention when he started talking about how he wants to destroy Israel. Isn't that convenient.

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