Sunday, December 9, 2012

Your Weekend HuffPost Hate Mongering

Somewhere in the Huffington Post's editorial room they realized that they weren't able to incite against Israel as much as they might have during Pillar of Defense. Therefore, it's time to start mining the "human rights" organizations of the world, and throw in some biased pictures while we are at it:

The "Dalu family incident" is the same one that the Huffington Post waved the bloody shirt for earlier, again without noticing inconvenient facts. And here are some stories that the Huffington Post has yet to cover:

An expose of the biases of Human Rights Watch against Israel.
Marc Galasco's love of Nazi memorabilia (though they gave him a platform to defend himself)
Fundraising Corruption at Human Rights Watch
Sunday Times Slams Human Rights Watch

I think you get the idea. The point is, HRW's credibility is pretty much gone, but the Huffington Post still needs them around to keep the propaganda moving against Israel. As long as HRW and the HP are complicit in Hamas' use of human shields, then more Palestinians will die, exactly so articles like this can keep being posted. As scary as it sounds, they are all on the same side, in a de facto maner if not intentionally.

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