Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ahmed Shihab-Eldin Solidifies Radical Credentials

Huffington Post producer with a somewhat checkered history when it comes to Israel and the Jewish people Ahmed Shihab-Eldin has taken to Twitter to take another shot at Israel, as if his biased reporting on HuffPostLive yesterday wasn't good enough:

Actually, Ahmed, I am surprised, when the discussion is the nature of "human rights" at the United Nations. Considering the United Nations Human Rights Council has such members as Congo, Uganda, Pakistan, the UAE, Venezuela and Qatar currently serving on it, I'm surprised other countries haven't been boycotting their functions for a long time now.

But I'm guessing telling the truth about the United Nations won't be the subject of your next HuffPostLive segment, nor will it be scheduled for any time in the future. Nor will we be seeing any criticism of any Arab or Muslim state that isn't Egypt or Syria, I'm guessing. Actually, that's a challenge: Can anyone find one example of Shihab-Eldin or any producer on HuffPostLive criticizing the Palestinians for anything? I'd be curious to see how much his loyalty to his fellow Palestinians affects his reporting.

With that in mind, let's take a look down his Twitter feed and we find him buddying up with all of the radical anti-Israel propagandists he can find. First up, Mondoweiss:

Secondly, Ben White the anti-Semite:

Third, an endorsement of a "one state solution:"

All we need now is Ali Abunimah, which I'm sure Shihab-Eldin has retweeted or endorsed at some point.

I would suggest that you write to the Huffington Post staff and ask why someone who wears his biases on his sleeve like Shihab-Eldin does is allowed to represent them as a journalist, but I think we all know at this point that he just echoes the party line there.

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