Thursday, January 17, 2013

Another Biased Anti-Geller Headline

The Huffington Post loves providing advertising for Pamela Geller's advertising campaigns. This time they have done it in a passive aggressive manner complete with biased headline:

Where is the bias here? Geller's ads are not anti-Muslim.

Muslims are people who follow a religion.

Islam is a religion. It deserves criticism just like any other religion.

These are the latest round of pictures:

That criticism Islam, the religion. Not the people who follow it. Islam is not perfect and it deserves criticism, even harsh criticism. And when it is criticized, it is not the Huffington Post's place to call it "anti-Muslim" or as in the last case, "Islamophobic."

Atheist billboards that target religion in general manage to be free of editorializing:

But notice how this conflation of the religion and the people who follow it continues to other areas:

That's the Huffington Post for you, always trying to stir up hate and anger.

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