Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Another Holocaust Blog, More Hatred

Rabbi Yitzchak Schohet dared to write a blog post for the Huffington Post over the weekend about Holocaust Memorial Day, specifically about how a day should be set aside in Britain to recognize the Holocaust, the way it is in Israel, and the United States. He was concerned about opening up Holocaust Memorial Day to events other than the Holocaust, because "others with their own agenda to use it as a political football," (sound like anyone you know?).

As you might expect, this lead to an outpouring of hatred for Israel and Jews, barely stemmed by the Huffington Post moderators (they deleted one comment, so we know they were there and approved of the rest). Check out this top comment:

And when asked why he blames Jews in general for what Israel does and why he holds Jews to a higher standard than everyone else:

Suddenly he's now just critical of "the Israeli government". Click the link below to see the rest of the comments:

Strawmen and "criticism" of Israel everywhere!

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