Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Another HuffPost Attack on American Jews

The HuffPostLive service recently interviewed Dror Moreh, the director of the film "The Gatekeepers" about the Shin Bet and the people who ran it. Ahmed Shihab-Eldin, the producer of HuffPostLive, who is also a BDS supporter, extreme anti-Zionist, and peddler of anti-Semitic material, conducted the interview with Moreh. Because not enough people watch Huffington Post live, they decided to recast excerpts from the interview as articles. And guess what they decided to highlight?

Yep. As usual American Jews daring to love the Jewish state too much is a capital crime on the Huffington Post. And I guess MJ Rosenberg slamming them over and over again just wasn't cutting the mustard anymore. Mr. Moreh was a little more reasonable then Rosenberg, saying that American Jews shouldn't support Israel unconditionally and that their views are colored too much by the Holocaust. Neither of these things are true of course but they are what all leftists believe, regardless of whether you live here or there. Oh, and also Moreh threw in a comment that Israel is "going towards an apartheid country," just in case you weren't sure where his political leanings were.

By the way, there is another excerpt on the page about how Moreh feels that "The Gatekeepers" is a pro-Israel film, and then he talks about how Israel and America are dealing with the same challenges in terms of keeping their people safe while trying to hold onto their morality. Of course, this doesn't bring the clicks so the Huffington Post doesn't give it a headline.

Anyway, the Huffington Post readership was more than happy to pile on and join in the fun day of American Jew-bashing:

It seems like any day is a good day to take shots at Jewish people on the Huffington Post.

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