Sunday, January 27, 2013

Anti-Semitic Story Breeds Anti-Semitism (Again)

The Huffington Post's "Religion" section had a story about a group of French Jewish students who won a lawsuit against Twitter, compelling the social networking site to turn over the names of users who posted anti-Semitic content. Now, because it is in France freedom of speech doesn't come into play since they have different freedom of speech laws than we do. However, because it is in France Twitter is not under any obligation to do what the courts tell the, since the company is based in America. Most of the discussion on the thread involved how the whole thing would work.

But of course, because this is the Huffington Post, the Jew baiting happily skipped through the moderators and spewed their poison onto the page, including a weak-kneed attempt at the "war on anti-Semitism:"

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