Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Boteach PR Article Draws the Anti-Semites

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach is probably the most hated blogger on the Huffington Post due to his trifecta of identity sins (Jewish, Zionist, and Republican), so when I saw he wrote an article called Why Jews Are So Bad At PR, I expected the worst.

The article itself is a pretty good read, he basically laments how Israel has lost the PR war to the Palestinians and hopes that it will win some PR victories in the coming years. Naturally, the Huffington Posters were very confused about the concept of Jews being bad at PR, since they control the media and the world banks and everything. They weren't shy about expressing their confusion either. Read on:

No anti-Semites here! Just us "mere critics of Israel's policies"!

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  1. Went to reply to the bogus Talmud "quotes" reposted (without attribution) from the Onanite Dilling.
    Could not find the post. But did find one post deleted for guidelines violations. Does that count as one for our side?


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