Friday, January 18, 2013

Daoud Kuttab Rewrites History (Again)

Daoud Kuttab has written another speculative piece for the Huffington Post, this time about the impending (but according to him already here) third intifada.

He leads off with the recent statement by an Israeli colonel that the third intifada is already here (because Palestinians apparently take orders from Israelis about when to start uprising), and points to the recent tent protest in Bab Al Shams as evidence that this uprising will be more like the first. But even when Palestinians are protesting non-violently, Kuttab cannot stick to the truth. Here's what he writes:
"Bab Al Shams, which has become the new name of a village, as well as a symbol of the new dawn, caught both Palestinian and Israeli leaders off guard.
While PLO leaders as well as the Palestinian prime minister rushed to embrace the new actions, the Israelis, as usual, used the same violent tactics to put down what is a totally nonviolent form of protest."
Ignore the flowery language for a second and note the last line. Israelis used "violent tactics" to put down the (for once) nonviolent form of protest.

Kuttab's link is to Ma'an News, hardly an unbiased source, but even Ma'an's article makes no claims that the IDF used violence to break up the protest. Read it yourself.  The worst that happened is the Israelis "tore down" the tents and "raided the village." Ma'an couldn't even find one person that was injured. How "violent!"

Anyway, Kuttab continues the article by cheering a Palestinian deception:
"And just to prove that this is not a one-time aberration, the same young people were able to return to their newly created village of Bab Al Shams, passing the Israeli checkpoint by pretending to be part of a joyous Palestinian wedding celebration.
A real groom and bride were appropriately dressed, cameras were filming and the procession passed the checkpoint only to reveal their real purpose and declare, again, that Palestinians are setting up their own village on their own land, despite the Oslo classifications and Israeli army brutality."
How wonderful that these Palestinians were able to pass a checkpoint using deception. You know who else used deception to (attempt to) get past an Israeli checkpoint?
  • Whoever placed a bomb in the schoolbag of 12-year-old Abdullah Quran.
  • 16-year-old Hussam Abdo who wore a bomb belt.
  • Wafa Idris who placed a bomb in her backpack and killed herself and one Israeli.
  • The terrorists who murdered a pregnant woman and her four children.
I think you get the idea. I doubt Kuttab would have been as proud if these Palestinians had taken advantage of the kindness of the "brutal" Israeli army to hurt innocent people. Or maybe he would. And I doubt that he will complain if in the future Israeli soldiers decide to stop wedding parties from getting where they are going while protests are happening in the area. Or maybe he would.

Next, Kuttab does what Palestinians are best known for: rewriting history. Emphasis added by me:
"While Palestinians were able to produce impressive results during their first Intifada because of its nonviolent nature, the opportunities to accelerate this visibility today with media communication so readily available are much wider."
 "Nonviolent nature"? Over 160 Israelis died during the First Intifada along with more than 2,000, and more than 1,000 Palestinians were killed during the PLO's killing of "collaborators", which took place while the uprising was going on. Calling the First Intifada "nonviolent" is nothing more or less than a lie. Was it less violent than the Second? Yes, but setting the bar ever lower to defend the Palestinians is nothing new. I would just hope that Kuttab would at least try to be honest.

Kuttab closes off with hopes for more "non-violent" protests, but since he has shown that he has no idea what exactly non-violence is, I don't put much stock in it. Those of us paying attention to history know it's only a matter of time before the Palestinians get bored of pretending to want peace with Israel and return to their efforts to destroy Israel through force.

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