Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Day of Hate on the Huffington Post

Even while the truth about the "forced" birth control of Ethiopian women has come out, the Huffington Post editors knew that they had an opportunity for some clicks, so they kept it in the "World" section far longer than they otherwise would have, including placing it above stories that are more recent and important:

As you can see, the article amassed 1,300 comments, far more than even an American fighter jet going down or a new Iran finger cutting machine.

Thanks to the Huffington Post's sloppy reporting and the readership's own laziness, they didn't even understand what was contained in the half story. People thought that:

1. The women were forced to take the shots, which they weren't.
2. That the shots sterilized the women for life, which they didn't.
3. That it happened to all Ethiopian immigrants to Israel, which it didn't.
4. That it had the sanction of Israel's government, which it didn't.
5. That it was very common practice, which it wasn't.

(Remember, this is all based on the Huffington Post's article, not Elder of Ziyon's research linked to above.)

Now, to catalog all the hate and anti-Semitism that naturally came roaring into the not-at-all-tolerant-of-hate Huffington Post would take all day, so just for your reading edification I will provide just the Nazi comparisons, which is still anti-Semitic under the European Union's Working Definition. The Nazi comparisons alone should give you the idea of just how much anti-Semitism is tolerated and encouraged on the Huffington Post:

This isn't even close to all of them but I trust at this point you get the idea. If the Huffington Post had any shame at all, they would remove this thread entirely and issue a correction. But they won't, because the Huffington Post runs on hatred.

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