Tuesday, January 8, 2013

HP Bias: Covering, then Burying, Anti-Semitism

The Huffington Post, in another blatant display of bias, covered the news of increasing anti-Semitism in Austria, then buried it deep in the World section so that no one would see it. Take a look at these screen shots (taken at noon the day the Austria article was posted, about 9 hours after the article was posted) and see how far a user of the HP would have to scroll to get to the Austria article.

You can see the article in question "Austrian Leader Warns of Growing Anti-Semitism" way down at the bottom of the last image.

To understand the bias, we need to look at when each of the articles in the World section were published.

The Austrian article was published 01/07/13 03:18 AM ET.

The Dictator's Speech, the article directly above the Austrian one, was published 01/06/13 03:57 PM ET, a little less than 12 hours earlier than the Austrian article.

The Afghan dam article, above the Assad one, was published 01/05/13 06:15 AM ET, almost exactly 2 days earlier than the Austrian article.

The Palestinian name change article, three articles above the Austrian one, was published 01/06/13 10:17 AM ET, 15 hours earlier than the Austrian article.

Why are all three of these articles appearing above the Austrian article in the Huffington Post's World section, despite being published before the Austrian article? Doesn't the Huffington Post order its articles by date published? Why is it making an exception for this article about anti-Semitism.

These are questions only the Huffington Post editors can answer, and I doubt they would be willing to tell us.

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