Thursday, January 3, 2013

HP Bias: Deporting Africans

Here's your latest Huffington Post biased headline, this time about African illegal immigrants to Israel:

Two things about this headline and picture. First, the picture is your typical dehumanizing the evil Israelis shot, as the faceless Israeli soldiers are clearly oppressing the poor suffering Africans. Second, the headline is extremely biased. There is no indication that the people being deported are illegal immigrants, the headline implies the Africans are legitimate immigrants to Israel that the evil Israeli government is deporting for no reason.

Compare and contrast the headline to the Washington Post and Minneapolis Star Tribune articles, based off the same AP article:

Amazing that those two publications stuck to the facts and described the Africans as "migrants," which they technically are. Any guesses as to why the Huffington Post changed the headline? I have a few.

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