Monday, January 28, 2013

HP Bias & Hatred: Ethiopian Women on Birth Control

A story broke today from Israel that several Ethiopian women accused the Israeli government of requiring them to have a shot of "something" before they could immigrate to Israel, something that they did not understand. Ha'aretz headlined the story "Israel admits Ethiopian women were given birth control shots", the Huffington Post went beyond that:

Even in the Ethiopian women's story, which you can believe or not believe as you want, no one forced them to take the shot. One of the women said, "They told us, if you don't you won't go to Israel." Not to defend this practice if it occurred, but requiring it for immigration is a far cry from rounding women up and forcing them to take the shot. There is also the fact that the Ethiopian population in Israel expanded from 35,000 in 1991 to 130,000 today, not to mention the fact that the alleged form of birth control would only last for three months, but I guess the Huffington Post can't be bothered to tell the whole truth.

Note also the lack of "allegedly" in the article headline, but I guess we should be grateful the HP included the "Ethiopian women claim" part of the headline rather than just printing their story as fact. I for one wouldn't have been surprised if they had done that. 

Lastly there's a nice and sympathetic pictures of Israelis, finally! Of course, they are Ethiopian Jews on their way to Israel in 1991, but still, it's nice to see.

Naturally, this story resulted in a considerable hate fest towards the entire country of Israel as well as Jews in general, even though this practice even if it occurred is against the orders of the Health Ministry (second paragraph of the article). The comments section is still small, but here's a taste of what's coming:

Welcome to the Huffington Post. Where we really do hate Jews, and the editors just help us along.


  1. Disgusting.

    Also note the merging of left wing and right wing antisemitism in the last comment.

  2. I finally figured out what the HP mod's are there for. It's to protect and block out any critical responses that are justifiable against the antisemitic posters. There like Goebbellian acolytes.


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