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HP Blogger Jew Baits and Lies

Just when you thought that the Huffington Post couldn't sink any further into the ugly morass when it comes to Israel and the Jews, they have taken it one step further. Yet again, they have called up an ignorant college student and plastered his imbecility on the front page of the "World" section. Why does this have me so annoyed, right from the start? Maybe because he makes a Nazi comparison, something that I still thought was unacceptable even on the Huffignton Post. Here's a screengrab:

Parker Lawson is a sophomore at a school in Kentucky, and having gone for two weeks to Israel now thinks that he is an expert. That would be one thing, except that the Huffington Post decided to give him a platform.  First of all, it goes without without saying that two weeks and a few college courses is not enough to give one a complete understanding of the situation, but he put his "expertise" (or lack there of) on the line for us to critze. So let's "fisk" Parker and see how much his arguments stands up.
"Indeed, having spent the last two weeks in Israel and Palestine, it's undeniable that the United States is turning a blind eye to one of the most pressing human rights situations in the world. Who knew? I certainly didn't."
Yeah, you don't know a lot of things. There are 60,000 people dead in Syria and 700,000 refugees. There is fighting all over the world including protesters being shot in Egypt. You expect anybody to believe that Palestinians having to walk through checkpoints is worse than that? I don't think Parker does, actually, which is why he needs to turn up the rhetoric.

Parker moves on to the election. He declares that "Benjamin Netanyahu has just been elected to a third term as Prime Minister of Israel." This is completely wrong. Israel doesn't elect people to be prime minister. They vote for parties and the parties decide who is prime minister. Furthermore, the horse trading and coalition building has just begun so there is no guarantee that Netanyahu will remain in power, even though at this point it looks likely that he will hold onto his job. After the usual declaration that Netanyahu is "lying" when he says he wants peace with the Palestinians (something that Parker cannot know, so he is being stupid to make that statement) and that this election result will "isolate" Israel (an old talking point if there ever was one) he moves back to old tried and true whining:
"The wall that surrounds the West Bank to "control" Palestinians is a clear violation of human rights. It's time for the blinders to come off and it's time to either ask, 'When will the wall come down?' or 'Which way to East Berlin?'"
Parker, if you had really gone to the West Bank you would have seen that it is not a wall, it is a fence. And its purpose is not to "control" Palestinians it is to prevent them from blowing up Israeli civilians, something which it has been very effective at doing. Most of the time Israel has occupied the West Bank, there was no fence and the Palestinians killed Israelis whenever they felt like it. So to answer your question, the wall will come down when the Palestinians make peace with Israel, something they have consistently refused to do.

Unfortunately it rapidly becomes clear that Parker's issue here is not about the politics, but about a dislike of Judaism and the people who follow it. Let's just read what he has to say for a while:
"The irony is that Israel represents exactly what it feared 60 years ago." 
"However, Israelites had to first conquer Canaanites, the original inhabitants of the Holy Land before they could assume the role as God's chosen people... oops. It's time to lift the veil of ignorance..." 
"This is not a battle of religion; it is a battle of land. A Jewish religious claim implies that God has the power to take the land from the Jews whenever he pleases, which he's done numerous times. However, an ethnic tie to the land, a claim that Israel is the "Fatherland" for the Jewish people substantiates the Jews right to fight to reclaim the land."
Yes, after talking about religion he just declared it's not a battle of religions. Sorry Parker but you should have stuck to the Jew baiting. See, the other Muslim nations have treated the Palestinians like dogs, far worse than they have been treated in the West Bank. But they don't care because it's other Muslims doing it, and neither apparently do you.

I also notice that Judaism and their beliefs are smeared and ridiculed (not to mention lied about, especially the "chosen people" bit), but the Palestinian's religion is barely discussed. Actually, he's about to get there:
"[If the Palestinians just move awaywhat would become of Palestinian Christians? It is guaranteed that they would be immediately marginalized and put into danger in otherwise Muslim countries. And Palestinian Muslims would arrive with zero political agency, little more than refugees."
I'm not sure Parker realized it, but he just made a very powerful case for Israel. See, he admitted here that Muslims treat religious minorities very very poorly, and that would include Jews. Seeing as how he was just ridiculing Jewish claims to the land, it sounds like he is another hypocritical Palestinian supporter who will see one thing at one point and then ignore it two paragraphs later. For that matter, why should we care about the Palestinian Muslims? If their fellow Arabs and Muslims want to treat them like badly, why is that our problem? Parker doesn't care about the Syrians, so why should we care about the Palestinians? Oh right, because our "wise fool" here is told us to.

After whining some more about Israel "taking land," and that Netanyahu is going to become "ultraconservative," Parker tells us that when he was there he never felt in danger. Yet somehow it was a terrible human rights situation? Okay. Then he tells us that the Palestinians are "always eager to welcome students." Yes, I'm sure students like you who swallow their Kool-Aid completely and will go on major newspaper to compare Israel to the Nazis will be very welcome. Just don't linger too long or you might end up like Julian Mer-Khamis or Vittorio Arigoni.

So having reached the end of Parker's article, here is what we find: a lot of Jew baiting, some whining about Netanyahu, naivety, and most notably a complete and utter failure to convince us that this is the "worst" human rights situation in the world.

Also lacking is a call for peace and understanding between the two sides. Most Palestinian supporters at least pretend to want that. I guess Parker hasn't finished his education yet. I'm sure by the time he graduates he'll have polished his propaganda skills to a fine sheen. Or he'll learn the truth someday. But I wouldn't count on it, he seems pretty comfortable where he is.

Meanwhile, the Huffington Post hits a new low. If that was even possible.

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  1. This is really a new low for HP.
    This kid literally has ZERO background in the subject matter. He spent two weeks in Israel? Whoopty freakin' doo. I've spent months there, as have many others that frequently comment on this topic on HP. Several people that frequently comment LIVE there.
    As you noted, his article was filled with 'inaccuracies' and uninformed opinion masquerading as fact.

    From a basic editorial standpoint, this should never have made it onto HP. It is barely suitable for a student publication.
    I suspect that it is only because of his nazi comparisons (which HP readers LOVE!!) that this got posted.
    I can't even imagine that an article of similar quality would be posted on any other subject


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