Thursday, January 10, 2013

HP Photo Bias: Political Unrest

The Huntington Post covered an article in their World section about political unrest around the world. Apparently a "risk analysis group" called Maplecroft released a study about "political risk" by country. Countries mentioned in the article include Libya, Syria, and Turkey, and the HP has one of their patented slideshows about the top 20 countries at risk, which are the above countries (except Turkey) as well as Somalia, DR Congo, Sudan, South Sudan, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Iraq, Central African Republic, Yemen, Pakistan, North Korea, Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Russia, Chad, Burundi, and Iran. So naturally, what photo did the "objective, unbiased" Huffington Post editors choose?

A picture of Israel, of course! It's only logical! Israel was not mentioned anywhere in the article, but why not have the picture be of Israel?

Just when I thought the bias on the Huffington Post could not get more obvious, it keeps surprising me.

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