Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Huffington Post Moderator Spreads Anti-Semitism

Here's the kind of person the Huffington Post elevates and rewards the title of "Community Moderator":

Who is going to moderate the moderators?


  1. "Who is going to moderate the moderators?"

    A good question, and one that has been asked numerous times before.
    I would bet that an entire blog could be done on the topic.

    "KIVPossum" happens to be a notorious anti-semite that continuously
    flys under the cover of "moderator" which allows him to continue to spew
    hatred, bigotry and racism. He is no friend of Jews or Israel.
    Not at all.

  2. I can't really imagine anyone else actually being an HP moderator. I don't think there were any Nazis at the Wannsee Conference advocating for Jewish rights, do you?

  3. FYI, to the best of my knowledge, community moderators are subject to the same moderation (from HP) as everyone else. Since he is only a level 1 mod, all that means is that his flags count as 5 flags. However, since HP no longer shows the number of flags on a comment, this is pretty meaningless, unless HPmods pay more attention to such flagged comments. (I have no idea if they do.)
    Also, the badge is earned based on the number of correctly flagged posts, so it was an automatic thing, not a special reward they gave him because he is such a great guy.

    btw, trudy I have a community mod badge too. ;)

  4. There is a presence of crap mods at present for sure. Maybe that nazi clown is the one of my haters!

    It started with a Pussy Riot Article. One commenter was spreading the usual Russian style propaganda, but I was very interested in PR and had heard all the BS, knew how to refute it, and was prepared with links. I made quite a few posts and most showed up, but my longest and most important one did not. The Putin loving troll was still able to spew demented venom though. Finally I made a protest post addressed to the mods with this pic (sorry if its too much, but I guess you can delete it if you don't like it)

    I guess a different Mod got to that post in time because the original one turned up.

    that was about 6 weeks ago, and a few days ago I started posting more. Suddenly about 30% were not turning up, and 3 or 4 posts which were posted without moderation were deleted.

    None of them were overly polemical, and there didn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to the deletions. I am guessing it had to do with which mods were around at the time more than the content. Finally I found a rabidly homophobic poster and made a protest post, not to censure the homophobe, but asking why the hell the phobe could post and I get moderated. Strangely my 2 protest posts turned up, along with 2 perfectly valid posts that were taking too long and I suspected were destined for big brother.


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