Monday, January 28, 2013

HuffPost Marks Holocaust Remembrance Day With Hate, Denial, Anti-Zionism

Yesterday was International Holocaust Remembrance Day, and for once the Huffington Post's "World" headline did not include a stupid pun:

But even though the Huffington Post editors remained classy, their readership is as disgusting as ever. Most of the top comments were whining about how "the Jews" don't do enough for other victims of the Holocaust, which as we learned long ago is just another way of saying "Holocaust Memorial Day shouldn't exist." Taking the Jews out of the Holocaust is rewriting history, which is no surprise that we find many "mere anti-Zionists" clamoring to do exactly that.

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I think you get the idea. The majority of the top favorited comments were moaning and whining like that. With that behind us, it is time for some defense of Holocaust denial:

Some blatant Holocaust denial that received three favorites:

And a very poorly veiled attack on Israel, because this is the Huffington Post:

Let's conclude with a not veiled at all attack:

Click here, here, here and here to read about Holocaust Memorial Day on the Huffington Post in past years. The Huffington Post may mark one day a year to remember the victims of what I consider to be the most important event of the 20th century, if not human history, but the Jew baiting and hatred never, ever stops. Not today, or any day. And as always: HuffPost approved.

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