Thursday, January 24, 2013

HuffPost Pushes "Scramble" Talking Point

Log on to the Israel section of the Huffington Post yesterday, and what did you see? you think Netanyahu is scrambling to keep his job? The Huffington Post clearly thinks so! So much for just reporting the facts I suppose.

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  1. There are a few reasons why this post is unfortunately par for the course in terms of HP advocacy (not journalism, which it doesn't quality as at all).
    One is that the PM, like every other Israeli politician, is not, in fact CANNOT be scrambling to keep his job--because the process of forming a post-election government has not even begun yet. Someone "scrambles" to do something, not to do nothing. If Bibi does get tapped to form the next government and faces massive hurdles in doing so, then of course it could be said that he's scrambling to create a new coalition, but the HP (as usual) has gone ahead of anything that's occurring right now.
    That leads to other reason these posts are rancid: they both assume a conclusion based on emotions rather than facts in evidence, where the HP is happy that the Likud bloc lost a fair number of seats and wants to see him humiliated in the process. In a Knesset divided almost evenly between Right and non-Right parties (Yesh Atid is NOT a Left party, it's centrist), any government forming is going to involve some chaos. I see that as fact. I don't see how this is a failure for someone the HP loathes as a fact, but that's why I know what I'm talking about more than the shoddy HP point people do.


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