Monday, January 28, 2013

Israel Vs Chemical Weapons, HPers Side With Weapons

The Huffington Post's "World" section also had a story about a statement made by Israel that they are willing to act if Syria starts to transfer its chemical weapons to Al Qaeda or Hezbollah.

Here is the original outside headline, as spotted by HuffWatcher:

Very vague and scary, of course. But since then they have changed it to something just as vague but less scary:

Apparently the idea of stopping terrorists from getting chemical weapons is enough to throw the "liberal" Huffington Post readership into a blood frenzy, there is no better term for their reaction to the story than "freaking out." Here are some of the top favorited comments:

And the grand finale (read the last line):

Welcome to the Huffington Post. Where there is only legitimate criticism of Israel's policies, and anti-Semitism is never acceptable.

1 comment:

  1. What a bunch of delightful antisemites. Now I have to go wash my eyes.


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