Friday, January 11, 2013

Jews Go Hungry, HuffPosters Stay Classy

Here's a bit of nastiness to send you into the weekend (sorry about that). The Huffington Post's "Religion" section had a story about kosher food pantries being emptier this year. Check out this very sympathetic headline:

Of course those of us who aren't total ignoramuses know that Jews occupy all levels of standard of living, as no group of people is free from poverty or hunger. Naturally, the Huffington Post readers thought they would come by and sneer:

No matter where you are on the Huffington Post, anti-Semitism is never very far away.

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  1. When I first came across your blog, I thought you guys were possibly overreacting. I was not convinced that what appeared as 'questionable' editorial choices and moderation was necessarily deliberate or widespread.
    Even if I was right at the time, I no longer am. It is truly frightening the amount of anti-semitism that is allowed/encouraged at HP.
    I thought I had seen it all until HPmods allowed this response to a comment.

    "Json is an Israeli shill and, ah, honesty challenged, as a bit of research will show readers.

    The State of Palestine has asked that Israel comply with ONE of the UN Security Council Resolutions of which Israel is in violation............stop building in the occupied territories until negotiations are concluded. The United Nations has stated clearly that all Israeli construction is illegal and in violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention. There are seven Security Council Resolutions condemning Israel's actions in those areas. "

    It's not like he buried the ad hom attack. It's right there in the very first sentence, separated from the rest of the comment.
    Not that it should mater, but the comment he responded to was not a response to anyone, and did not address anyone (except the author)

    Yes, I couldn't delete it, but I don't like touching other people's garbage. HP left it there and they should clean it up. Now how long will that comment stay up...?

    Sorry for the off-topic rant


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