Thursday, January 3, 2013

Josh Ruebner's Hypocritical "Complicity"

Professional anti-Israel propagandist Josh Ruebner has been on the Huffington Post for more than two years now, and literally every article that he writes bashes Israel and defends the Arabs (if they are even mentioned at all). We've clashed a few times since then, and I've noticed a few comment threads. He tries to make it seem as if it's not about Israel, that he really just cares about America. In his latest article, he expects us to be upset that Israel uses American weapons to defend itself. Apparently Americans are supposed to be responsible for every action used be one of our materials...just as long as the people committing that action are people that Ruebner doesn't like. But I am glad to see that holding people responsible for their own action is still something the left insists on not doing.

His bloody shirt to wave this time is the one notable incident during Pillar of Defense, the Dalu family house that was hit after they were warned that Israel was going to attack it. You may remember the Huffington Post has already published two articles about it, complete with biased headlines and pictures, but I guess they realized they didn't get enough Palestinian blood out of the stone so it's time to send in the professionals to do it again.

After declaring the Dalu family incident to be first a "missile attack" and then a "bombing" (they are different) and citing the incredibly discredited Human Rights Watch for his claim that what happened was unlawful as opposed to simply part of war, Ruebner pulls out the big claims from big liars:
"Israel's bombing of the al-Dalu home was the single deadliest attack in an eight-day offensive last month against the blockaded and occupied Palestinian Gaza Strip that killed at least 160 Palestinians, of whom 105 were civilians and 34 children, according to the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights."
160 people? That's a slow day in Syria, not that Josh Ruebner gives a shit. Nor does he expect you to, because there is no way to blame Western people for it. Now as for the numbers, I can't help but wonder why people continue to rely on the PCHR. They just aren't reliable. The UN said only 103 were civilians and B'tselem says 40 were. But Ruebner is lying by omission as well: The PCHR said that 160 Palestinians died during the operation, not  that the operation killed 160 Palestinians. What that means is that not all them were killed by Israelis necessarily, as we know that executions of collaborators were going on and children were dying from Hamas rockets falling short. Again, not that Ruebner is ever going to mention any of that and his credibility takes yet another hit.

It's time to get up on the soapbox:
"Yet, when it comes to U.S. policy toward Palestinians, this rhetoric rings hollow. The United States arms Israel to the teeth, fails to uphold U.S. human rights laws when Israel uses U.S. weapons to commit abuses of Palestinians and, up to this point, has thrown around its diplomatic heft in international forums to shield Israel from the war crimes prosecutions advocated for by Human Rights Watch and others."
What "abuses?" You haven't proved any abuses at all, Josh. All you've proved is that civilians die during war which is something that we all know happens. America has killed untold thousands of civilians in Afghanistan with American soldiers supplied by American weapons, and yet somehow this doesn't bother you at all. Why are you such a hypocrite? Or are you motives even less pure than what they pretend to be? America is hardly going to criticize Israel for defending itself while we run roughshod around the world because unlike you our leaders are actually capable of feeling some kind of emotion besides anger.

While we are at it, let me tinker with Ruebner's paragraph a little bit:
"Yet, when it comes to U.S. policy toward Israel, this rhetoric rings hollow. The United States arms the PA to the teeth, fails to uphold U.S. human rights laws when the PA uses U.S. weapons to commit abuses of Palestinians and, up to this point, has failed to use its diplomatic heft in international forums to hold the Palestinians accountable for the war crimes prosecutions advocated for by Human Rights Watch and others."
How does that sound? But let's move on. Ruebner whines about the much-lauded (on the Huffington Post at least) "church letter" which accomplished nothing. He reuses the exact same talking points that he did in the first article we wrote about by him, and then continues to claim that Israel is "misusing" American weapons. I'd like to know exactly how he knows that, because all the evidence points to Israel being more careful and more determined to keep casualties low than we have ever been or probably ever will be. But hey, at this point "hypocrite" might as well be Ruebner's middle name so of course he isn't going to change things now. And remember: he's motivated to write this because he cares about America! Do you believe him?

Unbelievably enough, he continues to insist that the knife-wielding jihadists who were killed on board the Mavi Marmara were "humanitarian activists," long after even his fellow Israel haters gave up the ghost. He also claims that no diplomatic action was taken because of "heavy-handed U.S. diplomatic pressure and its threatened Security Council veto." Not because the leaders of the world took one look at this video and said "oh gee yeah I guess they weren't civilians after all." I guess we'll add "denial" to his list of bad habits.

Finally, with nothing else to go on, he demands that the Palestinians engage in lawfare against Israel by using the ICC. Not only does he have no idea how the ICC actually works, but he's going after the wrong target. Didn't he just say that Israel is only able to "abuse" the Palestinians because America lets them do it? Wouldn't that mean we should be the targets of any suits from the Palestinians? Or does holding America responsible for Israel's actions only work so far as to pull on the heart strings of gullible liberals, and not when it actually leads to negative consequences?

If you want "justice" for Hamas' victims, Josh, start thinking for yourself and take a look at what's really going on. If you want to be taken seriously, step down from your position in the "US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation" where you won't be so obviously be beholden to Arab money. Let's see how strong your values really are.

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