Tuesday, January 29, 2013

More Huffington Post Bias and Hate Mongering

Fresh on the heels of an article spun to make Israel look bad, the Huffington Post doesn't even wait 24 hours to do the same thing again. Check out this headline:

A very confusing and biased headline lifted directly from, not a news story, but a blog at Peter Beinart's "Open Zion" written by Ali Gharib. Apparently some blog posts go with other blog posts, while others are passed off as "news."

Anyway, if you follow Elder of Ziyon then you would probably have already heard that there was some kind of explosion at the Iranian enrichment facility in Fordow. That's what Gharib's article is about: how it isn't true...according to him. But where someone who didn't have an ax to grind might just report that WND circulated some rumors that might not be true, Gharib and his Huffington Post editorial fans blamed Israel for everything:
"And the bluff was indeed unmasked today when the American government threw cold water on the story: the White House denied the very report that Israeli officials have spent days pumping up. ...Who can deny that both named and unnamed Israeli government officials fueled this rumor, forcing the story into non-conspiracy outlets?"
Ironically, a different article on the Daily Beast made it clear that the Israelis actually had doubts all along, specifically Meir Javendafar, Moshe Yaalon and Ephraim Kam. There is no evidence in Gharib's article that Israel "fueled" the story or, as the inside headline claims, "government officials" were involved.

I guess when it comes to rumors about birth control and Ethiopian women, the Huffington Post is all too eager to race off to print. But with Iran, they have to wait a few days and even then they get the story wrong. What a surprise.

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