Tuesday, January 15, 2013

More Violence and Bias On the Huffington Post

Check out today's biased headline, courtesy of the Huffington Post's "World" section:

Right away we see the usual biases: a sympathetic picture, a biased headline (this guy was standing around minding his own business when the Israelis walked up to him and killed him? Not so much.), and a referral to the victim as a "teen." Feel free to contrast with the Huffington Post's coverage of the French bombing campaign in Mali, which is going on as we speak:

A picture of a sweet ass fighter jet. Nothing of the presumably dozens if not hundreds of civilians who are being killed or will be killed before the fighting in Mali is over. It's just that one form of fighting the Huffington Post likes, and the other it does not.

Anyway, getting back to the article, it is not made clear how the "teen" (17 years old) died, but it was either in the course of a demonstration against Israel or because him and some compatriots were damaging the fence for the purposes of getting through it. The Reuters article refers to it both as a "separation barrier" and as a "security fence."

Here's a picture of the "innocent's" funeral that the Huffington Post didn't find. Be sure to notice the keffiyeh and flag:

We'll be sure to let you know the nature of hate that this biased reporting has already spawned.

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