Tuesday, January 29, 2013

News the HP Buries: Muslim Patrols

I wanted to give plenty of time before covering this story, but the Commentator broke a story about "Muslim patrols" harassing people who aren't wearing enough clothes, drinking alcohol, or who are gay on the streets of London. The Huffington Post did eventually cover it, but buried it in the "Gay Voices" section, where it amassed all of 87 comments:

A followup story was closed to comments and was in the HuffPostUK section.

Now if you're wondering where the bias is, remember the Huffington Posts' coverage of this?

Or this story?

So one girl being mistreated in Israel gets front page headlines and multiple follow ups, but gay men being mistreated in Britain gets two articles buried in subsections? Remember, Britain is also our ally who we have a  "special relationship" with. But again, the people doing this aren't Jews. Only Jews can be "extremists."

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  1. Great catch! "Cheers", to another great example of the Huffington Post
    hypocrisy and obvious anti-semitism.

    "Police Make Fifth 'Muslim Patrol' Arrest"

    "Comments are closed for this entry"

    How telling.
    "Comments are closed for this entry", that in itself, speaks volumes.


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