Thursday, January 24, 2013

News the HP Definitely Doesn't Cover: Hamas Kids

"But what about the poor suffering children?!" is the all time favorite talking point of the anti-Zionist crowd on the Huffington Post and elsewhere. So it goes without saying that the Huffington Post editors will never in a million years cover this news about a school to teach Gaza kids how to become suicide bombers:
On December 18, 2012, senior Hamas commander Zaher Jabarin gave an interview to Hamas’ Al-Quds TV. In the interview, Jabarin said Hamas labors “day and night” educating Palestinian children in Gaza to become suicide bombers. 
Becoming a suicide bomber is a sought-after career move, Jabarin claimed. “The Palestinian youngsters, the resistance and Jihad warriors, fight and quarrel over performing a courageous suicide operation,” he said. 
Because suicide bombers are ready to die, said Jabarin, Israel has no way of preventing them from carrying out their attacks. 
Jabarin added that the time for resistance is over: Hamas is now preparing for the battle of liberation.  He predicted the interviewer would soon “interview me — if Allah wished that we stay alive — from the courts of Al-Aqsa and Jerusalem.” 
Here is the full video of Jabarin interview on Al-Quds TV:

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  1. The chance of seeing that on HP are ~0%.
    But I would be curious to see the reaction of hate-Israel crowd.
    Would there even be a moment of reflection before the inevitable deflection?


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