Monday, January 14, 2013

Nonsensical Comment of the Day

As soon as I saw this comment, I knew I needed to share it with you. Check this out:

This comment doesn't make any sense.

Okay, so the official US policy is that Tel Aviv is the capital of Israel. That's actually not correct, official US policy is that they don't recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital. It's a very common mistake among anti-Zionists to think that the US 'considers' Tel Aviv to be Israel's capital just because they don't recognize Jerusalem as the capital and because they have their embassy in Tel Aviv. But that isn't the case. Official US policy is that Israel doesn't have a capital. I know, it's weird but welcome to the Middle East. That's besides the point.

So let's say for a second that this poster is correct and that US policy lists Tel Aviv as the capital of Israel. But if that's so, then how could Israel "dictate US policy?" Wouldn't Israel want the US policy to be that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, not Tel Aviv? Why would they want US policy not to recognize their own capital?

But here's where it gets really amazing. See, how does it work that a "US politician or government official" is forbidden from stating official US policy? Isn't that what official US policy means? That our government comes right out and says what it thinks? How does it work that the Israel controlled US government is not allowed to say what they say in an official capacity?

It's enough to twist your brain up into knots. This is what happens when people who are motivated by hatred and not reason try to look smart.

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  1. This is pretty typical for internet anti-Zionists, in my experience. Nothing is too incoherent, bizarre, or paranoid for them to believe it.

    One of my favorites from back in the day at Daily Kos was a genius (and widely respected user) who insisted that in the 50s Israel intentionally settled Mizrahi refugees in places like Ashkelon because they knew that in 60 years that area would be in the path of rockets from a future Hamas-ruled Gaza. Not only does this imply a super-human ability to predict the future, but it also implies that Israel is so bad that it would want its own Jewish citizens to be killed by rockets, with 60 years of planning to do so.


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