Thursday, January 10, 2013

Posters Spews "Dual Loyalty," William Bradley Rolls Over

As Huffington Post bloggers go, I like William Bradley well enough. He has reasonable points of view and gets involved in discussions below the line, something Huffington Post bloggers don't generally do. However, his performance today goes to show just how far anti-Semitic tropes are entrenched in the foundations of the Huffington Post. Check out this conversation (clicking to zoom in) underneath his piece about Chuck Hagel:

So we get a rant about "dual loyalty" and "neocons" and the "anti-Semite card, and Mr. Bradley can barely offer a whisper of criticism. He's also quick to send noted anti-Semite "Freenation" a smiley face.

One wonders how blatant things would have to become before the Huffington Post bloggers are allowed to call them out on their bigotry.

1 comment:

  1. I responded to Bradley, politely asking if he really agreed with the contention that neocons "are only loyal to Israel PM"

    Take a guess if that made it through moderation...


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