Monday, January 14, 2013

SJP's Student Media Handbook

One of the most common anti-Zionist talking points on the Huffington Post and elsewhere is that every pro-Israel commentator doesn't actually believe anything that he or she says, but rather uses a "hasbara handbook." Well, Students for Justice in Palestine have recently released their "student media handbook" for 2012, which is basically the same thing. They even provide anti-Israel talking points:
"ON THE PEACE PROCESS• Israel doesn’t [sic] want to negotiate terms, it wants to dictate them.• As demonstrated by revelations in the  Palestine Papers, Palestinian negotiators bent over backwards to reach a peace agreement with the government of former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert but were repeatedly rebuffed by their Israeli counterparts.• The Palestine Papers showed that Palestinian negotiators offered sweeping concessions on core issues, including allowing Israel to annex all but one of its East Jerusalem settlements and nullifying the right of return of millions of Palestinian refugees. In response to Palestinian concessions, Israeli negotiators increased their demands while at the same time swallowing up even more Palestinian land by building settlements and the wall.• Abbas offered the Israelis the moon and they demanded the stars as well.• Far from being an even-handed broker, the Obama administration has continued America’s role as “Israel’s lawyer.”• The U.S. has not only been acting as Israel’s lawyer, but as its real estate agent and butler.• Instead of hope and change, the Obama administration’s Middle East policies have brought more of the same.• Supporting Israel unconditionally undermines America’s national security because the U.S. is seen to be complicit in Israel’s op"
How many of those talking points have we seen Huffington Post users regurgitate on a daily basis?

If you are so inclined feel free to check it out and learn what you can from it. Or give the other side their comeuppance.

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