Monday, January 28, 2013

Stormfront Vs HuffPost (David Ward Edition)

What Melanie Philips referred to as "Britain's national sickness" is on full display with this David Ward story, especially on the Huffington Post. The HuffPostUK gave triple coverage to the story, with the most recent article being about his apology. If you need a refresher about the controversy surrounding David Ward, click here.

Now it's time for everyone's favorite game! Did a Huffington Post reader say it, or did a Stormfront reader say it?

A. "Apologizing for this is just apologizing for the TRUTH."

B. "Forgive me for asking but what on earth is wrong with what he said,it was both factual and truthful."

C. "Any criticism of the jew, even when justified is anti semitic and 1 step away from being a hate crime. A hate crime with harsher penalties than murder."

D. "This is shocking sick and disgusting on so many levels the guy did not make a 'racist comment' towards Jews he was only pointing out how contradictive they are."

E. "This will go on as long as Israel has the support of the USA monied jewish lobby and UK politicians like William Hague who want to keep the Palestinians out of full membership of the UN "to make them come to the negotiating table" [i.e. submit to servitude by Israel]."

F. "The craven retraction of these comments by David Ward is a sign of the influence the Jewish lobby have in politics around the world. Unfortunately not enough ordinary jewish people are prepared to speak out against the excesses of the Israeli government."

G. "what is it with the jews? no one messes with the israelis and no one can question what they are doing to their poor neighbours. everyone knows something is not right with them yet no one is allowed to ask or question. weird or what."

Answers are below the fold.

A. Stormfront

B. Huffington Post

C. Stormfront

D. Stormfront

E. Huffington Post

F. Huffington Post

G. Huffington Post

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