Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Bibi Parade

The Huffington Post has been giving the Israeli elections some attention, though obviously not more than the American elections. What is informative, however, is that apparently the only way they know how to illustrate their articles about it is by pictures of Netanyahu's face, often smirking. Here's the "World" headline from yesterday into today:

Again, notice the smirk and the references to "Bibi." I personally don't care about that but I doubt the Huffington Post would like it if foreign newspapers referred to the President as "Barack." Anyway, check out this march of Bibi faces:

And these old ones as well:

We can all speculate on why the Huffington Post chose so many Bibi faces. My theory is they know the Huffington Posters don't like him. Another theory is laziness. Pick whichever you prefer.

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