Monday, January 14, 2013

The HuffPost's Israel Obsession Continues

There is no other issue in the "World" section of the Huffington Post that produces faux Internet hatred like anything related to Israel and Jews. We have documented this multiple times, and here is the latest evidence that this is so. Dr. James Zogby wrote yet another article about Chuck Hagel and how great he is, and shockingly it isn't all about Israel this time (just mostly). Though what their is remains pretty offensive, though pretty standard for the Huffington Post:
"A Hagel confirmation, especially if he is resists embracing language that demonstrates subservience to Israel will also represent a threat to the power of the pro-Israel lobby to use intimidation to dictate Congressional behavior."
It is now considered a standard belief among the Huffington Post and those who read it that there is a "pro-Israel lobby" that "dictates Congressional behavior." It marches that much closer to an anti-Semitic rag every day.

Naturally it goes without saying that nothing else about Hagel is discussed in Dr. Zogby's article, because he knows that there is just one issue that draws the comments. And draw the comments it did; practically all of the top favorited ones were variations of the ZOG conspiracy theory:

Nice to see the Huffington Post doing its part to mainstream anti-Semitism in America.

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