Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Today's Biased Moderation

Even Huffington Post user moderators are not free of biased moderation, and we have a perfect example of that, sent to us by a reader. Check out these two screen grabs from the recent teen violence thread:

Apparently one user getting personal with another is only a problem if that user is pro-Israel. Then his comment will disappear without a trace, while the original offending comment remains.

The original link.

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  1. I had to go looking for someone else who has been negatively effected by the clear bias at Huff Poo, as yet another post disappeared there. Google turned up your blog.

    In reading other replies from your previous entries, I noticed someone say that the comments they have removed are usually the ones that absolutely expose a leftist agenda, or unarguably win the debate. This has been absolutely the case for me. When someone tries to inject leftist ideology I mind the TOS diligently in my content. I merely present logic and facts, and back it up with nonpartisan statistical proof (when possible). So many times, when my response or comments leave no wiggle room for the leftist agenda, and otherwise when I provably show the poster as dishonest and inflammatory, my comments just do not appear, yet the "other side", even when it obviously breaks TOS, remains.

    Low and behold, after a year of having the comments that DO get through receive the most "likes" within the entire thread, and my friend's list expanded to almost 3700, I can't get a single post to appear unless it's some innocuous one liner. Sickening. It's as if they see me getting through to people and therefor I must be silenced. I know that sounds conspiratorial but the more arguments I win, the more I can't argue. I can't assume any other conclusion.

    Just wanted to add this here to show support for your blog, do keep it up and keep on those buggers. More people should support your cause here, as the ridiculous bias is a very prevalent issue that many conservatives (and even some liberals) quietly despise. It's nothing short of political censorship and an assault on people's First Amendment rights.

    The moderation is truly horrendous in it's leftist slant, you're not wrong at all. They mislead readers,subvert conversations to the point of losing all context, and it's ultimately dishonest - almost to the point of being libelous. Someone should take the time to sue The Huffington Post. Were I wealthy enough at this point I would take the time to make damned sure lawyers stayed on their a$$es 24 hours a day.


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